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Our Purpose
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We are here to share information and to support each other.

Our Mission and Purpose

To provide support and information to members and to increase community awareness of food and advocate for change when necessary. In keeping with these goals, POCA of DuPage continues to provide information and support to its members, to raise community awareness of anaphylactic food allergies and to advocate for changes in policies and laws as needed. POCA of DuPage focus on practical ways of coping with food allergies and anaphylaxis in everyday life. Our meetings frequently include speakers and/or discussions on issues such as shopping and cooking, restaurants, family life, schools, preschools, travel, media, and legislation. Many of our topics are also relevant to those with severe latex allergies. POCA of DuPage is not in the business of providing medical advice. Please consult a qualified medical provider for medical advice pertaining to your own particular situation.

About POCA of DuPage

POCA of DuPage is a support and advocacy group affiliated with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, a non-profit organization.

We invite you to attend our quarterly meetings in Downers Grove, IL, a Western Suburb of Chicago, and to subscribe to our e-mail list which includes members from throughout the Chicagoland area.