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Speakers, Presentations, Support, Reference Material and More...

POCA offers a variety of activities and information for everyone.

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Speakers and Presentations
While all meetings provide opportunities to interact with others who share your concerns, some meetings include presentations by professionals in fields related to food allergies (allergists, nutritionists, and psychologists) or others with information relevant to managing life with food allergies. Most meetings also include small group interactions that increase the opportunity to learn from one another through sharing experiences, product information, new initiatives and even recipes.
Support / Social Opportunities
There are several opportunities throughout the year to meet informally with other members. It may be dinner out where you can indulge in those foods you have eliminated from your home, an evening of bowling or perhaps just a relaxing evening socializing with friends.
Reference Material
We are in the process of compiling data relevant to managing food allergies that will be made available to anyone who has a need or desire for this information. Copies of these materials are available for purchase at a nominal fee.
The most important thing you will receive from this group is the assurance that you are not alone! There are many of us out here and we are willing to share our hard-earned lessons, suggestions, tips and helpful hints for managing day-to-day activities complicated by food allergies. These practical, non-medical solutions will make your situation a little easier to manage and sharing with others who “get it” make the challenge a little less formidable.