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We welcome any help you can provide, whether it is in the form of time or money!


POCA of DuPage is run completely by volunteers. We welcome the volunteer efforts of our members and interested community members in working on one of our community awareness or advocacy projects.

We have established several committees for members to volunteer thier services.  If there is a committee that you are interested in joining,

please call Kellee (815) 603-4838

New Membership
  1. Assemble New Member Package
  2. Greet & Meet New Members at Meeting
  3. Update Member List
  4. Receive Calls from Interested Parties
  1. Create a formal e-newsletter 2x/year (content only)
  2. Include events, meetings, current legislation, highlight members
  3. Work with others to create article on interesting topics
  4. Collect information from other sources to be included
Meeting Recorder
  1. Attend the meetings
  2. Take notes on the speakers presentation
  3. Summarized the speakers presentation to be sent to members
Librarian (electronic)
  1. Compile, catolog and archive articles received each quarter
  2. Prepare a CD with articles for members to receive at meetings
  3. Create a system that a paper systems can mirror
Librarian (paper)
  1. Receive and print all articles received
  2. Follow the cataloging method found in the electronic version
  3. Organize into binders for viewing at meetings
Public Relations
  1. Develop a list of contacts
  2. Prepare quarterly releases for meetings
  3. Prepare releases for special events, legistlative topics and school issues
Speaker Coordinator
  1. Facilitate topic selection for 1 year prior to meetings
  2. Confirm speakers, rooms, equipment requirements and handouts
  3. Send thank you notes to speakers
  4. Create a back up meeting plan (if speaker cancels) 
Social Committee (Whine & Dine)
  1. Determine location, date and time of meeting
  2. Send out invitations
  3. Create reminders for group
Social Committee (Kids)
  1. Determine functions and activities
  2. Recruit members to committee
Memory Recorder
  1. Take photographs at meetings and events
  2. Collect photographs from meetings and events
  3. Manage pictures
  4. Create photo album